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When choosing your marketing agency, don't be fooled by the higher rates and large retainers results in better service. Most agencies charge you the same rate for experienced consultants, but burn hours with those with none. So why pay more while they gain the experience? Now you don't have to.

Unlike our competitors, Hybrid Digital Marketing provides a flat rate based on work completed by our experienced staff. All our work done by our junior staff are never billed to the client.
Standard Rate
$ 75 per hour
Ad Hoc
Consulting Sessions
Online Training
Screenshare Support
No Contracts
Minimum 1 Hour
Monthly Invoiced Billing
$ CALL per month
Custom Projects
Email & Telephone Support
Annual Contract
No Maximum per month
Carryover unused hours each month
Standup and Weekly meetings (Optional)
Blueprints and Documentation (Optional)
If you have questions around our pricing, feel free to contact us or request a custom quote.